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Funny Business

Funny Business

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Copyright© 2017 By James Sykes.

Funny business By James Sykes.
Ronny Kausebarten Is standing on stage wearing his brightly coloured costume, enormous shoes and tufty bright hair sticking out from under a miniature sized felt bowler hat. He honked a brass antique car horn in the air.
“Roll up, roll up and take your seats! You've paid your money for your ticket, expect to be delight and bamboozled. Now you are ready we can begin! Humor is infectious. The sound of roaring laughter is far more contagious than any disease that could be passed on by a sneeze or a cough. When laughter is shared, it blinds people and binds us together. Unites us with magical power as it increases, vibrating every cell in our mortal bodies with happiness. Real now, in the moment.”
He bends over to pick up his stage showing his large arse to the audience. His horn honks loudly and Ronny peers round looking embarrassed.
“Laughter also tri…

Empire of the Dead

Empire of the dead by James Sykes.

Empire of the dead. Underground in Paris.
On the 14 October 2016 Twins Tyrone and Kenzie’s Teacher Mrs Salisbury was Planning a school trip and was still very much undecided on the destination.
She looked on the internet for ideas. Sam being a romantic kind of girl, twenty six and still single. All of her friends were married and having children and posting all of it continually up on Facebook for the world to admire while she sat single in her flat. But she was still on the shelf. She yearned for romance in her life. Eventually her dreams and romantic side got the better of her. Her idea of finding love took her to thinking about visiting the city of romance, the city of love. She thought about visiting Paris. According the indulgent website in front of her on her computer at work, it was  the most popular destination for European school trips, and with good reason.
Ah yes Samantha Salisbury was pleased with her self and thought dreamily about the prospe…

Death in Leamington Spa

Death in Leamington Spa By James Sykes Thursday, June 1, 2017 窗体顶端 He died in the upstairs bedroom
By the light of the twinkling stars
That shone through the double-glazed window
From over Leamington Spa

Beside him the lonely guitar
Lay patiently and unstrung,
But the fingers that would have played it
Were dead and his song still unsung.

his mother came in with the tea-things
she had carried the tray up the stairs
But she was alone, lost in her thoughts
And her thoughts were alone, lost in theirs.

She closed the big round window
and let the blinds unfold,
She looked at the clock the mantle,
it had stopped and the time was old.
"Tea!" she said in a tiny voice
"Wake up! It's nearly five"
Oh! Chintzy, chintzy cheeriness,
Half dead and half alive.

Do you know that the stucco is peeling?
Do you know that the heart will stop?
From those yellow Italianate arches
Do you hear the plaster drop?

She looked at the silent bedstead,
At the grey

The Little Merman

The Little MermanBy James Sykes

Once upon a time . In The deepest, darkest part of the bluest ocean, there stood a splendid palace of beautiful coral. Inside lived the Sea King; a wise old Triton with a long flowing white beard. He lived in a magnificent palace, built of gaily rainbow coloured coral and seashells, together there with his five children. They were all very beautiful mere-people, who lived a secret life at the bottom of the sea. Aerio, the youngest and loveliest of them all, also had a beautiful voice, and when he sang, the fish flocked from all over the sea to listen. Theirhells gaped wide, showing their pearls and even the jellyfish and sharks stopped to listen. The young merman often sang, and each time, he would gaze upwards, seeking the faint sunlight that scarcely managed to filter down into the depths. "Oh, how I'd love to go up there and at last see the sky, which everyone says is so pretty, and hear the voices of humans and smell the blossoms and flowers!&…


CinderelloByJames Sykes June 1, 2017Magic shoes and retribution

In the spring time of a French countryside, a man's wife became sick, and as the years passed, she became weaker and weaker. When she felt that her end was drawing near, she called her only son Ashley to her bedside and said, "Dear child, be honest and good your whole life, no matter how difficult things may get. Then our dear God will always protect you, and I will look down from heaven and I will always be near you." With this she closed her eyes and died.
The boy went out to his mother's grave every day and wept, he made a promise to himself that no manner how difficult his life would get; he would try to stay honest and good for the rest of his life. No matter what would happen.
When winter came the snow spread a white cloth over his mother’s grave and when the spring sun came and melted it all away Ashley’s farther decided it was time to look for another wife. He was becoming old and needed somebod…